About Passsoul: a short story about wood and our recycling and upcycling philosophy

“We are like an orphanage to art and artifact because we are willing to handle the unwanted, we give them value.”

Christopher Moore “A Dirty Job”

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful”

William Morris

About Passsoul – The Company:

Passsoul is an art studio run by visual artist Paula Pietrzak and designer Piotr Pietrzak, registered as not-for-profit company (CIC) in June 2013 and managed by board of four directors.

Its main aims are:

Furniture upcycling and restoration as an affordable way to create aesthetic and personalised living space, to respect sentimental value and craftsmanship, to protect the natural environment by reusing material and opposing to mass production and consumerism.

Organising art, crafts and upcycling workshops for the local community members, both commercial and supported by grants, to develop their creativity, teach new skills, improve wellbeing and inclusion of people of all backgrounds and abilities.

Passsoul – Philosophy (for patient readers):

Everything began here. Trees gave us shelter, fuel, timber, simple tools, ways of transport, furniture. Ages have gone by; the world is changing ever faster, weaving a web of synthetic materials around us. Nevertheless, real wooden furniture is still the most desired and considered the most precious. Unfortunately, there are no more forests to cut down.

But not all is lost. There are people who, thanks to their passion and their skill, are lengthening the lives of used and unwanted furniture. They recycle them.

We go even further. Passing into them parts of our souls, we give them new life. Now, they are not just normal everyday objects but art. We upcycle them.

Thanks to us you can become an owner of an object which makes everyday life easier and at the same time looks great, makes you happy, interests, inspires and provokes. Thanks to Passsoul, you can have beside you something that not just exists, but it keeps you company and makes your environment unique.

Everyone is different, so let’s give everyone a chance to create their surroundings in their own way. Just like we do.

We don’t create styles or trends but single, one of their kind, furniture beings.

If while looking for furniture for your home or office you ever thought that everything looks the same, today can be the turning point. You no longer have to let people tell you that you like the same things as everyone else and that your needs can be satisfied the same way as millions of people.

Passsoul guarantees originality and creativity. In just a moment, you can become the only person in the world to own our unique piece of furniture.

To purchase, you can use our website Shop.

You can visit our show room and studio.

If you would prefer to have a bigger influence on the style and type of furniture, you can order it. We will find it for you and decorate it according to your suggestions and preferred style.

Maybe you have a piece of furniture that is still useful but it seems boring and without character. We can reanimate it, put new life into it and make it please your eyes once again. If so, contact us.

Maybe you are carrying inside yourself a future soul of unwanted furniture, used doors or some other forgotten object. Perhaps, inside your head, there is awaiting for new life a future of greatness. If you care about trees, love natural wood and like to exercise your mind or simply need help at letting your imagination work, let us know.

The doors to Passsoul are open for you. We like to share our knowledge and experience at our workshops!

Wood … our most natural source of furniture and building materials. Prized and yet often discarded. We depend on the global distribution of woodlands … for the air we breathe, for our well-being. Our lives are increasingly dominated by commercialism but not all can afford, nor desire to enrich their homes with antiques or masterpieces. We believe that beauty can be found in what may, at first glance, appear to be a humble and ‘throw away’ item of furniture or decor; that such beauty can be a part of what helps us live happily and peacefully with respect for our natural environment.

We always dreamt of owning high quality wooden furniture. However, what’s for sale is often too expensive, boring or both! Fortunately, we found a way around this … but for this to work, for PASSSOUL to deliver we need one more vital ingredient … YOU.

We think about you as not just a customer, not simply a purchaser but as a co-creator.

We invite YOU to PASSSOUL … as a shop, a gallery, a provider, a stage, an audience, a valued participant, a maker, a buyer, a supporter …

Share your vision with us. We will take the time and care to work with you to deliver what you’re after in terms of furniture and decorative items, in a timely way and to an affordable budget.